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If you think real estate investing is only for the ultra-rich, you might have to think again after hearing this episode with JD Sustar. He shares how he amazingly started investing in one single-family rental for $10,000, eventually navigating different asset classes and dominating deals in various markets. Reach the similar level of success he achieved by hitting the play button and listening in!

Key Takeaways to Listen for

  • Why managing finances and saving money is important when starting to invest in real estate
  • Creative ways to find deals and fund them
  • Advice on choosing markets and properties to invest in
  • Advantages of acquiring a commercial loan over personal loans
  • Tips on how to win the competition of getting deals
  • The function of having a property manager and putting systems and processes in place

Resources Mentioned in This Episode
Free Apartment Syndication Due Diligence Checklist for Passive Investor

About JD Sustar

JD Sustar, aka Finance Cowboy, has been in the real estate industry since 2016, when he flipped his first home in South Florida. It was an overwhelming experience and made him realize two things: 1. He had a lot to learn, and 2. Real long-term wealth is built through owning rentals, not flipping homes.
In 2018 with only a $10,000 net worth, JD began buying rental properties in Upstate South Carolina. Since then, he has purchased 13 single-family homes, a mobile home park, and multiple Airbnbs while also acquiring and launching multiple six-figure businesses, which include: Finance Cowboy, Peacock Insurance Agency & Shoppable LLC. He has amassed tens of thousands of followers on social media, where he teaches others how to build wealth and freedom.

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