Twitter's failed OnlyFans-like product, OpenSea trading volume drops 99%, major FTC lawsuit | E1548


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BIG Tuesday show! First up, J+M break down the insane saga of Twitter's now-cancelled OnlyFans-like product (1:41), OpenSea NFT trading volume dropping ~99% (20:47), a MAJOR FTC lawsuit against a data broker selling sensitive info (36:26), and more!

(0:00) Molly tees up today's news roundup!

(1:41) Twitter's cancelled OnlyFans-like product

(10:21) Dell - Apply for Dell for Startups and get an additional 10% off Dell Latitude products at

(11:49) Practical issues around mixing adult content with brand advertising, Twitter's internal problems

(19:24) Indochino - Get $50 off any purchase of $399 or more by using code TWIST at checkout

(20:47) OpenSea single day trading volume dropped ~99% from a peak of $400M+ in early May to ~$5M in late August

(29:42) Vanta - Get $1,000 off automating your SOC 2 at

(30:46) Alexis Ohanian's Seven Seven Six is raising $177M to invest in distressed crypto assets

(36:26) Potentially groundbreaking FTC lawsuit brought against a data broker for selling sensitive geolocation information without user consent



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