The 87% Show, Inspired By World Champion Runner Jakob Ingebrigsten (Breather Episode with Brad)


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It’s time for the 87% podcast!

The title of this episode comes from one of the most important, impactful quotes about athletic training that I have seen in a long time: “Jakob Ingedbrigtsen estimates that he seldom pushes himself beyond 87% of his maximum effort in workouts. Yes, 87%, so he can preserve the best of himself on race day.” This quote came from a New York Times article about Jakob, who has been dominating middle distance running on the world stage after an incredibly rapid and high-profile ascension from his teenage years. Now only 21 years old, he is at the very top of the world, and he’s an absolute machine.

You can watch his races on YouTube and see how he just goes to the front and dares anyone to pass him—he just wears out the greatest runners on the planet with this incredibly strategic, powerful running strategy at his preferred distance of 1,500 meters. In this episode, you’ll learn all about Jakob’s specific training methods, which were designed by his father and two brothers (who happen to be impressive champions in their own right) to create a quite novel but effective training program, one that is quite different from the traditional model that we’ve seen.


Jakob Ingebrigtsen and his brothers have an incredibly strategic, powerful running strategy. [00:58]

He does not exceed 87%. To ask yourself to go faster than threshold requires a significant increase in lactate accumulation. [04:58]

Jakob, at age 16, broke a world record of 1500 meters under 4 minutes. [09:26]

When you train at a slower pace, you get better without that constant battle of breakdown, burnout, illness, and injury. [11:38]

When you overdo the training, you will know it by being exhausted for the rest of the day and the sugar cravings that arise. [14:59]

How does Jakob train? He rarely runs an individual workout over one hour!! [17:37]

We want to encourage this protocol to your own training and your own race pace. [25:21]

How can you, a regular person, apply this 87% to your training? [31:09]

The brain does not need to be trained repeatedly to suffer. [37:08]


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