The Club: an erotic romance. A couple rekindles their love at a lifestyle swingers club


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‘Mildred’. She always hated that name. Thirty-four years ago, her mother named her that, despite her father’s protests. He thought it was too old and stuffy sounding, so he always called her Millie.

Who, Millie wondered, looks down at their cute baby and names it ‘Mildred’? It was a name only used when she was in trouble.

And now, Liam had called her that. It was their first fight in years.

Right after dinner, he said he had something he’d like to talk about, but, yikes, what did he expect her reaction to be?

“What?… Are you kidding me? A swinger’s club?

“Well, Millie, I thought we could, you know, give it a try.”

“I’m not good enough for you? Is that it?”

“No,no. Really. Thats not it. I love you. You know that. It’s just… it feels like we’ve drifted away from each other. We haven’t made love in months and…”

“I’m tired, you know that. I work long hours just like you.”

“I know. I know. But we’ve gotten into a rut. I mean every night in bed you’re on that damn cell phone, we hardly even touch.”

“Don’t blame me, you’re playing with you phone too.”

“Well, what else am I supposed to do? Every time I reach for you, you tell me you’re too tired.”

“That’s because I am. I just want to relax before going to sleep.”

“Yeah, fine. But tired every friggin’ night?”

Millie frowned. “Well, you’re not exactly Mr. Romance either. The closest you come to kissing me is that little peck you give me when we head off to work.”

“Mill’s I don’t want to fight. I was just thinking maybe we could, you know, try something a little different.”

“But a swing club?”

“Well, Millie, I just thought It might spice things up to see other couples making love, and, maybe us too.”

“Liam, you mean, make love in the same room with other couples watching us?”

“Yeah. And we’d be watching them to. It might be…”

“No! No way.” She stood up.

“Mildred, I think you’re over-reacting. It was just a suggestion, I…”

“Don’t call me that. You know I hate it.” Millie stomped to the door leading out to their garden and slammed it shut. Liam knew better than to follow her. The garden was her place, her little sanctuary.

Frustrated, and maybe feeling a little guilty for upsetting her, Liam went off to bed.

Moonlight dancing on the koi pond usually calmed her, but not that night. The more she thought about Liam’s proposal, the angrier she got.

But later, laying beside him in bed, watching him sleep, Millie knew he loved her. They’d known each other since secondary school, went to the same university, marrying soon after graduation.

They’d always been faithful to each other. Their relationship was rock solid.

So what, she wondered, got him to thinking about such a thing?

Still, the sight of his bare, uncovered chest, his clean manly scent, and the warmth of his body, was doing its thing to her. She squeezed her legs together and wondered what it would be like to play with him in a room full of other people. What would it be like to watch other women admiring his body as he moved on top of her?

Millie rolled on her back, opened her legs and began moving her fingers over her moistening lips, caressing her hardening nib.

She imagined riding on top of Liam, a man watching her even while he mounted his woman. Moving up and down on Liam’s shaft and arching her back to put on a good show for her admirer.

The orgasm came fast and powerful. Millie cuddled down next to Liam and let sleep descend upon her as she wondered what it would be like to see Liam with another woman.

Sometimes Millie had to leave for work an hour earlier than Liam, so he was used to waking up to an empty house and fixing his own breakfast.

But today, toasted crumpets, two hard-boiled eggs, and a bowl of fruit were arranged on the table.

A note, slipped under the juice glass had one word… “maybe.”

Millie loved her job. The magazine’s readership was moving away from the printed version, so she was tasked with overseeing the company’s digital media division— writing and editing blog posts and other social media.

She had two stories to write, another from the news desk to edit, and research to do for next week’s lead. But today she found herself just staring at the computer monitor. She couldn’t let go of Liam’s suggestion.

Maybe I could write an exclusive for the magazine, she laughed to herself. Yeah… an in depth expose on London’s most horny couples and their swinger friends… of course she’d have to do a lot of in-the-field research. Millie laughed out loud.

“What so funny?” Her boss’s booming voice shook her back to reality.

“Oh, ah, it was… nothing, just nothing.”

“Kind of like what I’m seeing on that screen in front of you… nothing, just nothing,” he laughed. “We’ve got a lot to do today, get with it.”

“Yes, of course.” Millie didn’t dislike her boss, but he could be brusk at times.

Five-thirty finally came. Millie somehow managed to get the writing done, but the research would have to wait until Monday. On her way home, Millie glanced around at the people on her bus. Were any of these folks swingers? She wondered.

Liam had dinner waiting when she arrived. They usually just sat on the couch, eating dinner and watching TV. But with candles lit, a bottle of wine, and even music playing, apparently he had other plans.

“What’s all this?”

Liam smiled. “An apology? For upsetting you? I got your note.”

“You don’t need to apologize, Liam. You were right. I did over-react. I was a bit shocked, that’s all. But I think it was you calling me Mildred that sent me over the top.”

“Yeah,” Liam laughed as he pulled out her chair for her. “I’m not planning on making that mistake again.”

Millie raised her wine glass revealing a note hidden under it. She looked across the table. Liam was smiling. The note read. “It’s okay. We don’t have to. You, and our marriage, are the most important things to me. You’re everything I need.”

Somehow, for some reason she didn’t understand, that note made it suddenly okay. She got up from the table, found a pen in the kitchen drawer, wrote something on the back of his note and handed it to him.

His eyes widened as he read it, then he stood and hugged her. “Thank you,” he whispered into her ear. His breath tickled, sending a tingle down her spine.

The next morning they arrived to an empty parking lot. A pleasant looking older couple, maybe in their 50s greeted them at the door. The woman smiled, shaking Millie’s hand. “Thank you for coming in this morning. We like to give our new visitors a private orientation and tour so they know what to expect. I’m Gina and this is my husband Thomas.

Noticing their nervousness, Thomas spoke up. “Don’t worry, we’re not a bunch of crazies, it’s a safe place. I think you’ll like it here.”

“Well, maybe a little crazy," Gina laughed.

They sat in overstuffed chairs in a room that felt more like a living room than an office.

“The rules are very simple,” Gina said.”First of all, no means no. You need never feel obligated or pressured to play with other couples until you’re ready. Also, we’re unusual in that we’re a non-alchohlic club. We find people are more respectful when they’re sober.

Millie looked at Liam. For the first time ever, he appeared shy. “Um,” he said, “what if we want to just keep to ourselves on the first night and get a feel for the place?”

On the first night? Millie thought. So we might come back again? Oddly, the idea excited her.

“Of course,” said Gina. A lot of our new couples come here to dress sexy, dance, and enjoy meeting new friends without playing in any of the rooms.”

“Rooms?” Millie asked.

“Oh, yes,” said Thomas, Come on, Gina, let’s give them the tour.

They led Millie and Liam into a large open space with a dance floor and stage.

Liam gave Millie a surprised look then turned to Gina. Do you get a big crowd here?”

“Well, no, not really,” said Gina. We try to keep it down to 20 or so couples. It makes for more room on the dance floor and more space between the tables so couples can meet and share without feeling crowded.”

“We have a live band every night, said Thomas. “Good music.”

“What sort?” Millie asked.

“Well, depends on the night. Sometimes R&B, other times jazz.”

Gina laughed, “Sometimes we even have a country band for our visiting Americans.

“Now it think it’s time we showed you those rooms you were asking about.”

The first room, off to the left of the dance floor, had two large windows and no door Upon entering the room, Millie noticed the windows were actually one-way mirrors. Thick, comfy-looking mattresses covered with fresh sheets were laid out on the floor.

“We call this our ‘Couples’ room. People come in here to make love to each other while in the same space with other couples, but without swapping partners,” Thomas said.

“But the mirrors,” said Millie. “People can see us?”

“Oh yes,” Gina said. “The one-way mirrors were Thomas’ idea. Here on the inside you get to see yourselves in the mirror, and people on the outside enjoy the show. For many couples, knowing they’re being watched is a real turn-on.

“By the way,” Gina added. “In case you were wondering. We only let ten couples in at a time, and we quickly change the sheets when they’re done, so you’re always on a clean bed.”

Peering through the windows of the next room, Liam asked. “So, what’s this used for?”

“That’s our Double Couples Room,” Thomas said.” It’s where you can go if you’ve found another couple you want to play with. The rule in here is it’s not a free for all. Only two couples can play together. It’s not the orgy room.”

Millie’s eyes widened. “The Orgy Room?” she gasped.

“Next one over,” said Thomas.

This was a larger room filled with mattress laying close together.

“Mostly our long-time members use this room, although anyone is welcome. There are very few restrictions in here as long as everyone is respectful of each other.”

“Now for our favorite place.” Gina walked them to the next wall behind the dance floor area and opened sliding glass doors. Three soaking pools, steamed. “These, I guess are what you might call our hot tubs, but they’re big enough for several couples each.”

Millie noticed that there were mattresses lining the walls.

“Well, that’s the tour, said Thomas, What do you think?”

Millie and Liam looked at each other but neither answered.

“It’s all right,” said Gina, "It’s a lot to take in. You call us if you have any questions. We open tonight at 9 if you’re interested.”

Gina and Thomas walked them back to the office.

“Thanks for the tour,” said Liam, as he and Millie stepped out into the parking lot.

Part way to their car, Millie said “Wait”, turned around and ran back in, leaving Liam standing alone and confused.

“Gina, um, what do I wear?”

“Why anything that makes you feel comfortable, dear. Some women take it to the extreme with pretty much see-through stuff. But I’d say most dress in a sort of classy, sultry way.”

Gina slipped her a card. “Here’s a store in town that caters to our members. The owner there is a personal friend of mine.”

“Thanks,” said Millie, and ran back out to Liam.

“What was that about?” he asked.

“Oh, nothing. Girl talk. Liam, could you take the bus home? I’d like to drive into town.”

“I’ll drive you.”

No… no I have something I need to do.”

Liam looked surprised.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a little surprise, that’s all.”

Liam grinned and gave her the keys.

The store wasn’t at all what she expected.

It was very uptown and classy, with dresses that might be a little out of her budget range. But, she thought, what the hell.

A woman about Millie’s age approached. “May I help you?”

“Well, um, yes. Gina gave me this card. Said to ask for the owner.”

“You found the right girl, I’m Cheri. If Gina sent you, you must be one of her special members. First-time dressing for the club?”

“Ah, yes.” Millie blushed, but Cheri pretended not to notice.

"Let’s see. At your size I think I have the perfect thing. Do you like red?”

Not waiting for an answer, she led Millie to through the store to a back wall. “I have an eye for finding the perfect dress to compliment anyones body. And you, my dear, are beautiful. Yes, here it is. Just the thing for you.

She pulled out a dark red, silky dress. “Here, try this on.”

Millie stepped into the dressing room and removed her clothes. Upon closer inspection of the dress, she realized she couldn’t possibly wear a bra with it, so she took it off and pulled the dress over her head.

The silk material caressed her as it slid over her body. Millie did a little arranging, looked in the mirror and gasped. The dress fell to her ankles, with a long slit on the right side climbing to only about 12 inches below her waist. The front covered her completely to the neck, providing no cleavage, but the thin material clung to her breasts, revealing their shape as if painted on.

The triple mirrors gave a view of her backside. The backless dress plunged all the way down past her waist. Again, the silk did its magic, painting itself to her bottom.

How, she wondered, could a dress look so stunning, so classy, and so slutty all at the same time.

“Come out dear,” Cheri called. “Don't be shy. Let’s see how it looks on you.”

Millie poked her head out the curtain. Luckily no one else was in the store.

“Come on… let see…. Oh, my. Are you married?”


“Husband or Wife?”


“Well, it really doesn’t matter. Man or woman, your mate is going to melt when you wear this!”

Millie smiled and looked down, blushing again.

Suddenly Cheri spoke sternly. “Millie, stand up straight, look me in the eye. Do you have any idea how great you look? You’re going to own any room you walk into. That dress breathes power and lust. You are a strong and beautiful woman Millie. Never let anyone take you for granted. Not in that dress. Not ever. …. …. Wow.”

“Now let’s get you shoes… You’re married to a man you say? Then black, thigh-high, lace top nylons are in order. You’ll have a good time at the club, as long as he doesn’t die of a heart attack when he sees you.

Millie made Liam shower and dress in the other bedroom. She wanted to prepare alone so he’d get the whole effect Cheri had talked about.

She took a long, hot bath to calm her nerves. Then blowdried and brushed her long auburn hair and carefully applied her makeup just the way Liam liked it. She rolled the black nylons up each leg, then put on a black thong. It was a bit uncomfortable, but, she smiled to herself, I look hot.

Again the red dress caressed her body. She brushed her hair one more time, then let it fall down her back. She put on her matching heels and started to leave the room, but returned to the mirror. Feeling especially naughty, Millie pinched her nipples.

He was waiting at the bottom of the stairs wearing a brown leather jacket she’d not seen before and a tan shirt open at the collar. He had be shopping too apparently.

Liam took a step back as if he were seeing a vision.

Millie liaughed, “Close you mouth dear, it’s only me.”

She descended the stairs, every other step revealing the long slit and stockinged leg.

“Oh my god. Holy fu… I mean, Millie, your look gorgeous.”

Coming up to him with a slow, slinky walk, she gave him a hug, kissed him on his neck, then stepped back.

Liam’s eyes were wet. For a second she thought he might cry.

“You okay?” she asked.

“Yeah, it’s just. Mills…I… you… you’ve always been beautiful, but… I don’t know what to say… my god I love you.”

“That, my love, was the perfect thing to say.”

This time the parking lot was full.

Liam went around and opened Millie’s door. She held his hand as they walked to the club.

Millie was surprised to discover how calm she felt, while Liam seemed to be the nervous one.

“Hi, you made it!” Gina’s reassuring smile seemed to calm Liams nerves.

“Yeah, he said.” I… I guess we’re going to do this thing.”

“Oh, now don’t you worry honey,” said Gina. There are several newbies like yourselves here tonite. You’ll be able to spot them easily. All first timers, including you two, will be wearing these blue name tags… first name only of course.”

Thomas chuckled, “the tags also let everyone know to take it easy on you.”

The band was playing something smooth and bluesy. The stand-up based thumped like a heart beat. Couples were slow dancing. Millie noticed a few tables had awkward looking, blue-tagged couples.

Gina walked them to a table and waved a hostess over. A tall young woman in a short skirted french maid outfit come over. “This is Toni, she’ll take care of you… Oh, gotta go, there’s another new couple coming in.”

“My I take your order?” Toni asked.

Liam looked surprised. “But I thought there we no drinks.”

“Oh," she said, “no alcohol, but plenty of drinks. How about our faux champaign? Tastes like the real thing, ever better. We have white grape, apple?”

“White grape will be fine.”

“Thank you I’ll be right back.”

“Let’s dance,” Liam said. “First off it will make me more relaxed actually doing something instead of just sitting at this table."

“And secondly?” Millie smiled.

He gave her an impish grin. “Secondly, I want to show you off.”

As Liam took her in his arms, his hand touched Millie’s naked back making her jump a little.

The music, like most blues, seem to sink into her. The rhythm with its constant base beat made her body sway in smooth, languid movements.

Her eyes closed, Millie didn’t notice the couples taking quick glances at her. But Liam did. One man had turned his wife around so he could drink in the pleasure of the vision Liam held in his arms.

A woman about Liam’s age eyed Millie’s dress approvingly, then locked eyes with Liam.

“Millie,” Liam whispered. “The place is heating up.”


"It’s you. They’re looking at you.”

Millie looked around. A couple blue tags quickly looked away. Another couple was looking at her and whispering.

The music picked up pace. Liam spun Millie around, then held her tightly from behind as they danced.

Millie suddenly realized she was the only woman wearing red in a sea for other colors Liam pressed himself against her bottom. He lifted her arm behind his head, forcing her to arch her back. My god, she thought. He really is showing me off.

The music stopped. One of the couples walked past them. “Nice dress,” the woman said. “You’ve made quite an impression on my hubby.”

Millie didn’t know whether to say thank you or apologize.

The woman smiled. “Don’t worry honey, I’m not the jealous type.” Her husband, eyes still fixed on Millies dress said nothing. “Come on caveman, let’s get you back to the table before you start drooling.”

Liam put his arm around Millie as they walked back towards their table laughing.

“Honey’” Liam said. “There’s people at the windows of the Couples room. Do you want to go see what they’re watching?”

Millie’s eye flared. She smiled and nodded quickly.

They could hear the sounds of moaning coming from the open doorway as they approached the glass. Two other couples were watching through the windows, one man was caressing his wife’s breast. The other couple...

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