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As the summer wraps up and school begins in the U.S., many BCBAs will find themselves frustrated for their clients due to the continued inequitable practices which leave our schools failing learners of color. And what if I told you that your sweet sweet data may be a part of the failure of Western education? Yes....YOUR DATA! For our summer Book Club, we discussed “Street Data” by Safir and Dugan, a review of culturally responsive practices on how to collect relevant, student-centered, and antiracist information about learners to create a more equitable school system. Will the crew find these steps in line with our ethical BCBA obligations for client-centered practice? Or does an affront to the traditional way of “doing school” leave us calling our parents to pick us up early?

Content discussed in this episode

Safir, S. & Dugan, J. (2021). Street data: A next-generation model for equity, pedagogy, and school transformation. Corwin.

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