Monster Moths in WA State, 1st Date Church Felony, & Weaponizing Crows


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S4E1 ~ Midweek BONUS Episode! -

We begin another season of stupidity with a Godzilla-sized moth found in Washington state...and it wasn't was photographed! What would be a good romantic first date? Breaking into a church to play piano, then robbing the collection plate perhaps? If you need to get even with your enemies...and you have plenty of time on your hands to plot your revenge, you may want to consider making CROWS your new pets. And the new season has more stupidity to share...

  • Man finds rare purple pearl inside a clam while dining in Delaware;
  • A Motorcyclist Got Pulled Over Because the Mannequin He Was Delivering Didn't Have a Helmet On;
  • A Woman Escaped & Shot at Officers After Being Detained...Not Arrested;
  • What is thirdhand smoke? Study finds even handling a smoker’s clothing could cause cancer;
  • Most of Us Admit We Like to Gossip—at Least a Little Bit;
  • Couple Arrested After Drugs Found Next to Toddler's Happy Meal in SUV;
  • Internet Debate: What Folder Color Should Be Used for Each Subject?

More current events that I've made stupid with the "Insane Week In Review", more "winners" from the "Genius Awards", & I've got a new "Verbal Meme" to pass along, too.

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