Gorillas, Pigs, and Backup Plans (ft. Danene Dustin, Morris Meetings and Incentives)


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Gorillas, Pigs, and Backup Plans (ft. Danene Dustin, Morris Meetings and Incentives)

Meet the queen of turning unexpected into unforgettable


“One of my dreams would be to have a client that would say something like, in the next five to seven years if you stay with us and you meet the parameters that we set for our reward travel, you will go to all seven continents in the world.”

-Danene Dustin


Danene is a passionate sales executive for Morris Meetings and Incentives who travels all around the world planning extraordinary incentives for high achievers. Facing down challenges as mundane as air travel delays and as unique as finding no pigs on an island promoted as the destination for swimming with swine, Danene has systems in place for mitigating bad events in even the most challenging of circumstances.



[9:44] - Looking for More in Morocco

Raising the bar when expectations are high

One challenge Danene encounters is that some clients feel like they’ve “seen it all”— and some nearly have. She considers it her job to keep pushing the envelope, exploring new and hidden corners of the world, to deliver truly unforgettable and unique experiences even to the most jaded and well-traveled clients and their rewarded employees.

[15:25] - Where Dreams Meet Reality

Amazing clients while navigating limitations

How do you guarantee clients an absolutely unforgettable experience while also setting and managing expectations? It’s a tricky balance, says Danene. “I really want their dreams and their visions to come to life.” But the truth is that sometimes the budget isn’t there, or the destination isn’t available, or the swimming pigs on the island of swimming pigs just don’t go for a swim that day. It’s all part of a day’s work.

[19:12] - Having All the Answers

Danene’s lessons from her early days

Danene recalls an early proposal delivered to a prospective client. Everything was going smoothly, until they started asking questions. “I was so ill prepared. I had not researched these destinations or the hotels.” The lesson? Go above and beyond to have answers to every possible question— including physically visiting the destination yourself, in some cases.


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