Episode 40 - Money Bay-Bee


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Haley and Jillian discuss another story of people getting swallowed by whales--and this time it's a twofer. Then Jillian gets into the very recent story of Stephanie Browitt and the vacation gone very, very wrong with the Whaakari/White Island Eruption.


"It Was Crazy", says California kayaker who was engulfed in a whale's mouth, Sheena Goodyear, CBC Radio

The Eruption of Instagram Island, Joshua Hammer, GQ

New Zealand volcano victim tells of waiting to be rescued from White Island with burns to over 70 per cent of her body, Stephanie March and Jeanavive McGregor, Four Corners, ABC News Australia

Volcano burn survivor removes face mask for first time: ‘A real fighter.” Andrew Court, NY Post

White Island: NZ Police complete identification of volcano victims, BBC News

Stephanie Coral Browitt’s tiktok account

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