PNN - Police Have No Duty 'To Serve & Protect According to 2005 SCOTUS Ruling


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Recently the world watched as 19 elementary school children were gunned down by a murderer with an assault weapon, while the police stood down and did nothing. Furthermore, police abused and attacked parents desperate to save their children. This Monday, a video was released that clearly showed a man drowining in an Arizona lake, pleading with police, and again--the police did nothing. A reasonable person would assum that the police in each case would be held legally accountabble, and that 'reasonable' person would be wrong. This report will dicuss the history of policing in the USA, why it was created, and why police can stand down as children are murdered. The legal case which justifies police cowardice derives from a 2005 Supreme Court opinion written by the man who gave us Citizens United--the late Antonin Scalia. I will discuss thie case of Castle Rock v. Gonzales. I will then discuss how the theoretical underpinnings of the law can often undermine justice itself. We will also name the honored recipient for the Jackass of the Week Award. Come listen Jeanine.

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