The 2022 All-Bust Team: 16 Overrated Players You'll Regret Drafting (Ep. 918)


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Joey P., Big Pod Energy, and DBro take turns creating their fantasy teams of players you may want to avoid. We're not touching on the guys who are merely overvalued ... today's show is dedicated to the athletes who have major downside relative to their draft cost. Some of these names might surprise you, so stay tuned the whole way through to catch them all! Sponsors:

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All-Bust Team - 0:06:13 Andrew's QB - 0:06:36 Derek's QB - 0:08:44 Andrew's 1st RB - 0:10:50 Derek's 1st RB - 0:15:05 Khalil Herbert - 0:16:21 Andrew's 2nd RB - 0:17:02 Brian Robinson - 0:18:40 Derek's 2nd RB - 0:19:52 Andrew's 1st WR - 0:23:30 Derek's 1st WR - 0:28:12 Andrew's 2nd WR - 0:30:37 Derek's 2nd WR - 0:34:48 Andrew's 3rd WR - 0:39:10 Derek's 3rd WR - 0:42:28 Andrew's TE - 0:44:06 Derek's TE - 0:46:24 Andrew's Flex Picks - 0:47:41 Derek's Flex Pick - 0:49:58 Listener Mailbag - 0:51:32 Last RB you'd feel comfortable with as an RB1 in PPR? - 0:52:03

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