Bonus 8: Modalities for Healing


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In this bonus episode of the "Become a Trauma Informed Coach" podcast, your host Lindsay Poelman talks about the modalities for healing. She talks about the need to adapt, evolve, and be willing to learn and try new practices in the pursuit of being the best coach for your clients.
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Your host, certified life coach Lindsay Poelman started her journey of intentional healing started when she learned that her husband had been lying to her about pornography use for a greater part of their marriage. After processing and accepting her circumstance more fully, she found coaching—which propelled her into a forward focused state of empowerment.

Over the last four years of deep dive/fundamental coaching for women in betrayal (around porn use, spouses coming out around gender identity and sexuality, childhood neglect and abuse, substance abuse, infidelity, emotional abuse, domestic violence, institutional trauma, and more.), she has observed that if you’re working with humans, you can’t handpick clients who don’t carry trauma.

This is why I have developed a Trauma-Informed approach to mindset work and relationships that take into account the nuance of being a human. She believes that being trauma informed is an essential standard of care for coaches. She created this podcast to support life coaches who recognize that there is so much more than mindset work when it comes to supporting their clients responsibly.
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