Parenting in Today's Society, and Hunter Biden Laptop Latest, with Dr. Laura and Ken LaCorte | Ep. 368


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Megyn Kelly is joined by Dr. Laura, host of The Dr. Laura Program on SiriusXM, to talk about the decline in a focus on family, the actual effects of the shift in our culture, the challenges of parenting today, how to keep politics out of family and friendships, Melissa Francis shares how Dr. Laura helped to change her life, and more. Later Ken LaCorte, host of "Big Pod" on YouTube and podcast platforms, joins to talk about the latest information about the FBI efforts to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop, how LaCorte got involved in the 2020 release of the emails, the media's spin with the "Russia disinformation" angle, the new push to make CNN "objective," what the media does if Trump runs in 2024, changes in the media landscape, the Murdochs vs. Trump, Dick Cheney's new anti-Trump ad, the failure of the 1/6 committee, the left propping up MAGA candidates in primaries, and more.

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