The Practice of Leadership | Fabian Dattner, Founder & CEO, Dattner Group


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The Founder and CEO of the leadership consulting firm Dattner Group, Fabian Dattner, specializes in cultural transformation, executive development, and working with women. Fabian, who has 36 years of expertise, assists thousands of leaders in realizing the importance of leadership as a critical lever for positive change. Fabian Dattner provides women with the skills they need to face significant challenges and increase the number of women in leadership positions around the world. She is also the founder of Homeward Bound, a global leadership initiative that has seen over 300 women in STEMM travel to Antarctica.

About Fabian Dattner

  • Fabian is the CEO of Dattner Group, creator of the renowned leadership program for women, Compass, and Visionary Founder of Homeward Bound.
  • She’s a speaker, educator, entrepreneur, and a regular commentator in the media on leadership and ethical issues in the world today, and on the role of women in building a sustainable future.
  • With 36 years of experience, Fabian helps thousands of leaders recognize that leadership is a key leverage point for change for the greater good.
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