0x's Will Warren On The Future Of DEXs And The Impact Of MEV


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This week on The Defiant Podcast, we speak Will Warren, founder and CEO of 0x labs, one of the oldest and largest decentralized exchanges. 0x API is currently the 5th largest DEX by trading volume but is structurally different from other DEXs as it aggregates liquidity from multiple venues.

We talk about the effect this bear market has had on the DEX ecosystem and how sliding prices have affected DEX volumes in 2022.

We discuss the evolution of DEXs, having seen some massive innovations such as concentrated liquidity with Uniswap V3. Will goes on to talk about the major impact that miner-extractable value (MEV) has had on the DEX sector.

Finally, Will talks about 0x’s vision to see a world where all forms of value are tokenized on public blockchains, from fiat currencies, stocks and bonds, to video game items and airline miles.

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