420: Starting a Multi-Million Dollar Swimwear Movement with Erin Deering of Triangl


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In 2014, Erin Deering gifted Triangl swimwear to relatively unknown legacy celebrities Hailey Bieber ( Baldwin) and Bella Hadid. Their friend, Kendall Jenner, loved the products and reached out to Erin directly to get Triangl samples. Then Jenner posted on Instagram and tagged Triangl–that’s when everything went mad.

But the success of Triangl didn’t come from just celebrity endorsements. It came from developing a product that looked and felt like nothing else before. In 2018, Erin exited the business, but that’s when she stepped back and learned more about who she is as an entrepreneur and person outside of the multi-million dollar brand she built.

Listen to Nathan and Erin discuss:

  • How Triangl started on a second date at the beach
  • When their manufacturer stole their idea
  • Why businesses undervalue word of mouth
  • Their “one bikini sale a day” mindset
  • Connecting with Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, and the Kardashians
  • Dealing with copycats and competitors
  • How they stayed lean amongst extreme growth
  • Her mental health challenges in coping with success
  • Coaching and mentoring women in business
  • And much more business and personal growth advice…

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