(#19) Part 2 of my Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Collection


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Recently I was reminded that I hadn’t recorded the next instalment about my Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Collection.

⁣In episode 2 of the Alchemy Mindset podcast I talked about my journey into Sound Healing and gave you a brief glimpse into the bowls that I have and use in my sound healings.⁣

Episode 8, I introduced you to the first 3 bowls I owned, how they came into my life and their Alchemy blend.

In this episode I talk solely about the next three that I acquired:

⁣⁣🌟Smokey Quartz

🌟Abalone White Light Ocean Gold

🌟Selenite Aqua Aura Gold

You'll hear how they came into my life, their personal meaning and their Alchemy blend that makes them so special.
🎧⁣⁣19.45 mins PLUS I have included a mini sound bath to complete the episode.⁣

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🎧Episode 2 & 8 here https://annahastie.com/podcast/

Enjoy and send me a DM if if you have any questions about these bowls or Sound Healing. ⁣

Looking forward to sharing the next three in a later podcast, until then,⁣

⁣Happy listening,⁣

Anna xx⁣

Crystal Tones https://www.crystalsingingbowls.com/

Heather Jean - Oracle of Sound: https://oracleofsound.com/

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