10. Wherever You Go, There You Are, part 1


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Stede “the Audacity” Bonnet thinks he can just slide right back into his old life, but instead, Mary’s like “new phone, who dis?” and his kids are like “dad who?” and Evelyn’s like “murder’s a natural cause,” so Stede’s gotta skedaddle, like, now. After finally realizing what we’ve all been screaming at our TVs this whole time (that he’s in love with Ed, obvs), he stages an epic f**kery and follows his heart into the sea.

Meanwhile, Ed spends a while practicing healthy heartbreak coping until Izzy “top me, daddy” Hands ruins everything and turns him back into the Kraken. To prove that he is still Blackbeard he cuts off Izzy’s toe, throws all Stede’s stuff out on the lawn, pushes Lucius overboard, and maroons the crew on the literal desert island emoji 🏝, bidding farewell to Bonnet’s playthings just in time to miss Stede’s reappearance. Of course.

Join us for PART ONE of our discussion of Our Flag Means Death season 1 episode 10, Wherever You Go, There You Are. This episode was recorded live and you can watch the whole thing, which includes guests, costumes, and a Q&A, by purchasing a ticket here!

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