Can A Faster Metabolism Promote Longevity? Exploring The "Move More, Eat More" Idea (Breather Episode with Brad)


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I’m pleased to dig into the file and tee up some wonderful Q&A from a most astute group of listeners.

This particular show is inspired by a lengthy and compelling email I received from a young listener named Dan Patterson (from way back in 2020)—we had a great exchange in writing and I have been reflecting on the ideas discussed frequently since then, especially on the heels of recording my recent episodes with Jay Feldman. Finally, I get around to addressing this concept of “eat more, move more”—a particularly topical discussion in light of my recent fascination with Jay’s Energy Balance message, as seen in our two interview shows and my four-part series of reflections on the Energy Balance concept as applied to individual peak performance and longevity goals.

Dan was only 20 years old when he posed this incredibly astute and progressive idea that maybe maximizing our intake of nutritious foods will in turn help us maximize daily activity levels and in turn promote maximum vitality and longevity. Whether you go all-in on this concept or whether you have a little trouble buying it, it can be helpful to explore the flip side of the pendulum. In our fascination with fasting, carb restriction, and time restricted feeding, and rigid adherence to the ancestral model of living, we may be at times distorting the big picture of how we can optimize healthspan today.

In this episode, you will hear Dan and I going back and forth about the potential benefits of a faster metabolism to counter this frequent notion that a slower metabolism will promote longevity, all about the dangers and risks of stacking too many stressors (in particular vigorous exercise and a busy, active, energetic day with calorie restriction, carbohydrate restriction, and time restricted feeding) and why cool hands and feet can be indicative of a slower metabolism.


Brad elaborates on the idea that fasting turns on stress hormones, as does keto and low carb. [01:15]

We must call into question this idea that minimizing caloric intake is going to be directly correlated with longevity. [04:32]

Dan Patterson, a listener, talks about the flawed mentality of calories in and calories out. You cannot exercise away a bad diet. [05:42]

Eat more. Move more. [09:38]

If you are eating nutritious foods, it is difficult to put excess weight on. [19:10]

How much can we move and how much can we eat? [26:16]

Archetypal resting postures added to your day have a great impact on overall health. [27:09]

A faster metabolism means faster recovery from injuries. You’re never sick. You’re happier. You’re not irritable. [33:24]


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