Alli Harvey, traveling landscape artist


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commission in progress
• A commission in progress of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, on the easel near Reno, photo by Alli Harvey.
happy artist
The happy artist pictured with the Colorado aspen in autumn commission, photo by Wes Hoskins
Airstream boneyard
The Airstream boneyard at P&S Trailer Service in Ohio, photo by Alli Harvey.
Mobile Art Studio
The newly minted Alli Harvey Mobile Art Studio in New Mexico, photo by Alli Harvey.

Our guest for this show is Alli Harvey, outdoor columnist for the Anchorage Daily News and landscape artist. The last time she was on Outdoor Explorer she shared that she would soon pick up her new custom-built Airstream trailer that would serve as a mobile art studio. In May, she headed out to Ohio to see her new mobile art studio for the first time and drive it back to Alaska. On the way home, she hit some of the most beautiful country in the Lower 48, painting outside as she went and even dropping off commissioned art pieces as she finished them.

HOST: Lisa Keller


Segment 1: Alli Harvey, traveling artist


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