Episode 464. #WisdomWednesday The Power of a Connection with Nature and Yourself


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This week on #WisdomWednesdays, Rosie and Tessa talk about how a connection with nature can help you find yourself again.
It's easy to lose perspective if you have an unchanging routine; the constant repetition becomes draining. You don't have to sacrifice your rest and peace of mind for productivity — you can have both if you habitually create a connection with nature. Stepping out of the modern world and into the peaceful quiet found in nature can help you change your life in more ways than you’d think.
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Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
1.Discover how a connection with nature can shift your perspective
2.Learn how to be present and grateful for your sanctuary in yourself and your space
3.Find out how to see the world again in childlike wonder by listening to this episode!
Episode Highlights
[0:04] Start of Summer and Backpacking Trips
[3:40] Dealing with Bears on the Trail
[05:34] Rosie’s Experiences While Hiking
[08:17] Finding Magic in the Woods
[10:26] Nature: A Reminder of Who and What You Are
[14:36] How to Stay Present
[16:51] Transitioning Back to Reality
[18:51] Living Life with the Best Intentions
[22:24] Learning to Take Care of Yourself and Others with Empathy
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