BTC086: The Macro Hurricane w/ Lawrence Lepard (Bitcoin Podcast)


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  • 01:21 - Why it's so hard for businesses to operate in this environment.
  • 08:01 - His thoughts on the CDS for banks right now.
  • 10:55 - How do things unfold in Europe?
  • 22:39 - Future manipulating the spot Bitcoin Price.
  • 32:27 - More QE.
  • 37:45 - Does Larry see the economy starting to get deflationary any time soon?
  • 42:39 - What does Russia want and what's their end game?
  • 49:43 - At what point does the bond market preemptively stop believing the FED can normalize?
  • 56:36 - Advice for people on a fixed income.
  • 01:04:27 - What are the top three charts Larry pays attention to?

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  • Larry's Equity Fund: Equity Management Associates.
  • Larry's Twitter.
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