#442: How to Be Cool, Calm and Collected with Max Newlon


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With a Master's degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education, years of clinical trial experience at Beth Israel Deaconess and Massachusetts General Hospital, and a lead coordinator role for a $1 million IARPA study on cognitive enhancement, it's safe to say that Max Newlon knows a few things about the mind.

The president of BrainCO USA is here today to discuss their flagship brand, FocusCalm, and how you can use this powerful neuroscience based tool (affordably) to unlock your brain's potential.

Listen as he breaks down:

  • Can you really train your brain to become calmer and more focused? [8:33]
  • The key to mastering meditation. [14:50]
  • How you can use neurofeedback to change your brain activity. [18:32]
  • When is the most effective time to meditate? [22:28]
  • How to delay the effects of cognitive decline. [29:07]
  • Using music to activate your genius. [34:47]
  • One of the most powerful tools you can use to change how you think, feel, and perform. [37:15]


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