The Night House (2020)


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It’s still Wet Hot Slashers Summer here on Slashers Podcast, and this week’s Call Your Ghoulfriends episode with Mikey and Ade features our special guest, Micah, over from Damn, That’s Scary Podcast. Never a dull moment with this one!

This week’s film is The Night House, starring Rebecca Hall as Beth, who is reeling from the unexpected death of her husband and is left alone in the lakeside home he built for them. She tries her best to keep it together but then her nightmares start to eat away at her, along with disturbing visions, all while she uncovers some dark secrets about her late husband, proving that ya never really know someone. The film also stars Sarah Goldberg as Beth’s best friend, Claire, Evan Jonigkeit as her late husband, Vondie Curtis Hall as Beth’s neighbor and Stacy Martin as Madelyne. The film is directed by David Bruckner, who you may already know from directing films such as The Ritual, VHS and 2022’s upcoming Hellraiser. Find out why Micah fanboys over this guy in the episode!

The film is super dark and a lot to unpack. Listen to our theories and let us know what you think!

You can stream this on HBO Max, but it’s also available on Hulu Premium, and for $7.99 to rent on Amazon Prime and Vudu.

This week’s Hidden Track is Obsidian Blood by Dancing With Ghosts. They are an alternative electronic rock band hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, not too far from Ade’s neck of the woods. Ade saw them last time she was in St. Augustine, and liked them so much that she reached out to them and they were kind enough to send us a few songs. One of their vocalists, Josh, also hosts his own podcast, Uncovering Unexplained Mysteries that you can listen to on Apple Podcast and Spotify. You can follow the band on instagram @dancingwithghostsofficial .

Don’t forget to show Micah and Greg some love for their podcast, Damn That’s Scary! You can listen to the Damn That’s Scary podcast by following this link: and following them on Instagram @damnthatsscarypod. Thanks for the collab this month!

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