Let’s Get Fucking REAL Episode 1


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I’M BAAAAACK!!! On the mic that is. What is this podcast you ask? Good question. It’s a straight talking, vulnerable, messy, beautiful exploration into all things life. So exactly like a conversation with your ride or die BFF! I call it like I see it, and keep things JUICY…I’m back and I’m ready to make this the best kick ass show ever! Am I terrified? Oh yea.

Finding Laura Clery:

Website: lauraclery.com

Read/Listen: Idiot & Idiots

TikTok & Youtube & Facebook: @Laura Clery

Instagram: @lauraclery

Episode Breakdown:

-00:00 Welcome to Idiot!

-2:30 HELP, why am I so dependent on my husband…

-3:45 Sober times can be scary

-6:11 Mom-comedy is tired


-11:00 Gratitude for Youtube Kids Shows

-13:00 That negative voice in my head…

-13:25 My crippling fear is taking over…will I lose everything?

-16:55 I swear this was supposed to be funny…I was gonna prank call my sister

-18:38 Everyone has a gift

-20:15 I read The Tao Te Ching to learn how to do nothing

-21:04 Love and be loved. And help heal the world with your gifts

-21:59 I’m a really good mom

-23:34 My vegan son kicked a chicken

-24:53 I’m evolving and changing

-26:00 “Live in your purpose & leave it” & I love you

-27:50 Something that brings you joy- INSERT HERE

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