Oliver James on Breath and Body Work Practices


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Oliver James is a body-led psychotherapist and breathworker known for integrating breath, movement, and body work to support personal transformation and self exploration.

Eric and Oliver discuss his book, 21 Breaths: Breathing Techniques to Change Your Life

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Oliver James and I Discuss Breath and Body Work Practices and …

  • His book, 21 Breaths: Breathing Techniques to Change Your Life
  • Defining body led psychotherapy and how it connects breath and movement
  • How our bodies hold trauma and stress
  • Discovering a practice that works for you
  • The importance of patience and slowing down
  • Learning to notice discomfort and remembering to practice breathwork
  • His trademarked “Geometric Breathing” of visualizing shapes as you breathe
  • The importance of nose breathing as opposed to mouth breathing

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