SA465 | The Worth of Performance Coaching in Leveling Up Your RE Investment Expertise with Bennett Schwartz


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This show will surely boost your investing skills as we have Bennett Schwartz, one of the experts in the business coaching space. It's all about mindset, techniques, and personal development tips that can make your investment strategies function for establishing and achieving your goals. Wrap up your desires in real estate by listening to this episode!

Key Takeaways To Listen For

  • The purpose of having a coach when investing in real estate
  • Insights about determining your vision and goals through a coaching
  • What’s the main thing that holds people back from achieving growth and hitting the next level?
  • Strategic advice on how to reach your real estate goals
  • The importance of considering results and the effectiveness of your business strategies and metrics
  • Why does your courage play a big role in your personal growth?

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

About Bennett Schwartz

Bennett Schwartz has spent a decade taking on various roles such as teaching in multiple schools, athletics director, and Dean of Students. At the same time, his interest in real estate peaked when his son was born a few years back. He realized he wanted to create financial freedom for himself and his family. He was able to acquire multiple investment properties as well as manage a 300+ unit building while undergoing large-scale renovations.

He works privately as a Performance and Executive Coach for individuals and groups. As a coach, he will hold you accountable and help you get results through vision planning, strategizing, and mindset development.

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