91. Lauren Bay Regula | Reflections on Depression and Riding the Wave of Adversity With 3X Olympian


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Lauren Bay Regula is a dear friend of mine and 3x Canadian Olympic Softball Pitcher who, after a 10 year break, went after the most recent 2021 Olympics. She shares her triumphs and tribulations with training for the Olympics as a wife and a mom of 3, building a business as the pandemic hit, and navigating depression. She’s a beautiful example of using challenging circumstances to build something good for the world, whether it be as a mom, wife, women's coach or fitness trainer, she's leading the way to an embodied life.

Lauren and I dive into...

→ Supporting mother’s wellbeings through The Strong Mom Method

→ The power of simple practices and commitment

→ How to allow our toughest lessons to teach us

→ Experiencing a panic attack on the pitching mound during the Olympics

→ Arriving at gratitude for experiencing depression

→ And more!


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