How to take rest / active recovery days & why | #139


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In this solo episode I speak on the importance of rest and recovery days, and my personal rest and active recovery day protocols. Whether you’re a pro athlete, weekend warrior, or not involved in sports as all - I think rest and recovery days are incredibly important, and I tend to even structure my work routine, not just training routine, with the same approach.


  • Terminology, such as: nervous system, parasympathetic vs sympathetic states, periodization, volume & intensity, cognitive stress
  • Why discipline doesn't mean not taking any days off (and toxic hustle culture)
  • Why athletes / workaholics often struggle to take days off
  • How often I take rest days
  • How often I take active recovery days and what I do for training on those days
  • Self-regulation and being reactive with your training schedule
  • Deload weeks and taking an offseason

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