Mysteries and Metaphysics part 6.2 (Entities and Altered States) Episode #243


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“Mysteries and Metaphysics part 6.2” Episode 243

We sit down to discuss where we currently stand on the topics we normally discuss or have discussed on the show. It is a look at what we used to think vs what we think and believe now after 230+ episodes, interviews, and research. We will go through Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Mysteries, Consciousness, Esoteric and Occult Knowledge, God, Gods, Creator?, Megalithic Structures, Metaphysics, Near Death Experiences and Death, Psychedelics, Philosophy, Space/Time/Universe, and the Paranormal, over this multi part series. In part 6.2 we will be discussing the connection between altered states of consciousness and entities. Are we alone in the universe is one life’s greatest questions.

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Part 2

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Part 4.2

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Part 6.1

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