EP 277 | Accountability with BOD™ BOSS Members


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If you’ve ever dreamed of having a board of directors (B.O.D., see what we did there?) then this is your episode. Kimberley interviews three awesome BOD™ BOSS Members who share tips on how to remain accountable, stay inspired and reach greater heights at every stage of your business. In this episode we learn: - there is no single action that will transform your business—it takes a strategic, multi-pronged approach - determine tasks/roles that can be outsourced—it’s impossible to succeed alone - the boss gets to choose how the business is set up; you can’t do everything and you’re not a victim - find a posse whose ambition and drive matches your own It’s time to take control of your business. Become a member of Business of Design®, today: https://businessofdesign.com/?ref=2&campaign=podcast

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