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Dr David Clarke is one of the UK's leading authorities on contemporary legend and folklore. He is a co-founder of the Contemporary Legend research group at SHU and combines his interests in folklore with his teaching and research in journalism and media law. He is an experienced broadcaster and has acted as a consultant for The National Archives and the BBC.
On 13 August 1956, with the Suez crisis approaching and the Soviet threat at its height, the RAF launched waves of aircraft to intercept unidentified flying objects which penetrated the UK’s radar shield and were circling a nuclear-armed American airbase in Suffolk.
David has interviewed three RAF servicemen who were involved with the incident and in this video we will play some of the testimony for the first time ever.
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David's article on the Lakenheath 1956 UFO incident: https://drdavidclarke.co.uk/radar-uap...
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