BIRTHFIT Podcast Episode 221: Alisha shares her story on Hyperemesis


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Alisha shares her story about having hyperemesis and cholestasis in her first pregnancy. She discusses her overall health, being nutrient and mineral deprived, and what she is doing now to nourish herself to prepare for a future pregnancy. Give Alisha a follow at @sacredmotherphotography on IG. JOIN B! Community- a lifestyle community for women by women with a focus on fitness, education, and connection! Resources and Links: Hyperemesis Brewer's Diet Cholestasis Returning to Homeostasis in the Face of Cholestasis of Pregnancy by Tonya Bridges 8 Natural Treatments for Cholestasis Top 15 High-Selenium Foods The supplements Alisha's taking to support her liver & health: Earthly’s Liver Love Cod Liver Oil: Rosita Earthley Perfect Supplements Desiccated Liver Vitamin E (PUFA protect)

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