BTC081: Bitcoin Legal Tender & International Adoption w/ Mike Peterson


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  • 02:43 - What it was like to start up Bitcoin Beach.
  • 06:16 - What Mike's distribution plan and onboarding were like for getting people to use Bitcoin?
  • 10:01 - Mike's opinion on the international Bitcoin summit for central bankers in El Salvador.
  • 15:11 - What was the most interesting takeaway from the summit?
  • 17:55 - What have the benefits been for the people of El Salvador thus far?
  • 31:46 - Mike had never met with a billionaire before in his life and then this year he has met with three - why?
  • 33:51 - What the central bankers thought of Bitcoin Beach.
  • 35:54 - What the central bankers think of Lightning Bitcoin transactions.
  • 57:27 - What about replicating Bitcoin Beach in other areas around the world?
  • 01:04:16 - How did the original donor communicate with Mike & what was their guidance?

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  • Mike Peterson's Twitter.
  • Bitcoin Beach Website.
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