Dilmi Mahadurage - Depression is your friend, allow it to show you the way to healing.


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On episode #15 of, Expression to Depression I have an in-depth conversation with Dilmi Mahadurage. Dilmi is an Enlightening Coach and published Author. Compassionate and dedicated to helping others break through depression and beliefs that hold them back. So often we struggle through life, unable to identify the root of the “struggle”. Dilmi discuss’ how she uses her intuitive nature and various tools to identify these issues. Explaining how she helps others overcome years of depression and immense adversities so that they can begin to truly “Live” life.

We discuss many of Dilmi’s techniques, what drains her energy, and what could be draining yours. Her unique perspective on depression and how she sees it as a good friend, not a bad thing at all. How prescriptions affect many people who suffer from depression, and my personal experience as well. Mini- ego deaths, Sadgurus “I’m not the mind, I’m not the body” technique, Brene Brown’s movie “the Call to Courage” and so much more.

Be sure to tune in and catch Dilmi’s call for action. She explains that to release heavy energy we must be aware of what drains us and what energizes us. Pay close attention to people, places, and activities. Take a break, observe and to become aware. You can begin this practice now to begin shifting your life.

Dilmi is a guest on my original Podcast, “The Oliver Schirach Show”, here she shares her “awakening” experience. An ego death experience you don’t want to miss. Unique and compelling we discuss her feeling of “nothingness” over two episodes. Check out the links below to get her book, Life is a Dream”, book a session with Dilmi and be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Get Dilmi’s book here “Life is a Dream”: www.amazon.com/dp/B08RB7KJWW

Book a session with Dilmi: www.dilmicoaching.com/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/enlightenment_coaching/

Facebook: facebook.com/DilmiMahadurage/

Email: dilmi7lak@gmail.com

Click here for more: https://linktr.ee/dilmi7lak

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