#435: How to Grow Your Gym and Make More Money w/ Ryan Obernesser


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Ryan Obernesser is the CEO of O.B. Training Inc., Gym Profits LLC, and creator of the Take Back Your Life 6-Week Challenge program.

Over the last decade, Ryan and his wife have built O.B. Training into a specialty training facility that transforms their client's minds, bodies, and lives.

Having made multiple 6-figure profits, Ryan now coaches gym owners on how to add more clients, grow their business, build amazing teams, and take home more profits.

Listen as we discuss:

  • The easiest part of starting a business? [10:12]
  • 3 surefire ways to expand your clientele. [15:04]
  • The 5 ones: the key to fueling your growth. [29:04]
  • What are the biggest problems small business owners face? [36:16]
  • How and why to systematize your processes. [40:38]
  • The power of going in on ONE THING. [43:44]
  • What's one question that will increase the quality of your leads? [46:58]
  • Does your pricing truly reflect your value? [56:38]
  • How his business was able to thrive during the thing. [1:01:54]
  • Where is O.B. Training now? And what are the plans for the future? [1:14:50]
  • A few bonus tips to increase your revenues. [1:18:45]

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