TFTB Ep.41: Year One - Looking Back at Our Favourite Moments


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It's time to look back at our first year of the show!
Firstly, thank you to all our listeners. We appreciate you very much and we will continue to bring great conversations and content to the world of science fiction.
Secondly, we want to thank all the amazing guests we've had on the show. So many talented folks have joined us and we're happy to share their stories and insights so our listeners and every one on the show can learn more about their work.
In this episode we talk about our favourite conversations with guests, our favourite books and much more.
As mentioned in the show, the first episode of Finer Points TriviaCast with guest, Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings, Lost), will be released everywhere on June 8th. No links just yet. Follow us on twitter to get all the latest.
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