Steph's 4th Title Chase, PJ Morton's Watch The Sun Review and Deja Vu Review


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In this episode, Wellington and Savon discussed the Warriors getting back to the Finals and how they’ve revamped their roster over the last two years. They also discuss how the Boston-Miami series was constantly back-and-forth and Nick Saban’s comments about Jimbo Fisher’s 2022 recruiting class and the feud that this has started. Then they review PJ Morton’s new album Watch The Sun, discuss his progressive soul and authenticity plus Marlon Craft’s While We’re Here album and finally one of Sidibe’s recent singles “Diamond in the Desert”.

In the second half, they review Deja Vu, the 2006 science fiction film directed by Tony Scott and starring Denzel Washington, Paula Patton, Jim Caviezel and Val Kilmer. They dive into the elements of this being a film that combined action and science fiction, how this was not the same level of quality and competency that most Denzel films contain. They also discuss what could have made this film more intriguing and expansive, when it came to developing surrounding characters and their personal narratives.

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