#77: Alexander Valtingojer - How to Invest in Digital Assets


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What is going on in the world of digital assets in 2022? In May 2010, 10,000 BTC bought 2 Pizza.
Last year in November, the same amount had a value of 600 Million dollars. A lot has evolved since 2010 in the digital asset ecosystem.
That's why I asked Alexander Valtingojer, CEO of Coinpanion, to discuss the latest development in the crypto market. This episode was recorded in January 2022.
What are the topics we discuss in this episode?

  • Digital Natives and the Boomer Generation
  • Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies
  • The Biggest Wealth Transfer in Human History
  • NFTs, Web 3 and the Metaverse
  • And much, much more

🎙️ Youtube: https://youtu.be/0_m-9EgHl3M
Books in this episode:
Ray Dalio, The Changing World Order
🕒 Timestamps:
(00:00) Intro

(03:30) South Tyrol – Cultural Background

(06:00) The Development of Digital Assets in Q1/2022

(10:00) Long Term Perspective of the Crypto Eco-System

(17:30) The Future of NFTs

(20:45) What NFTs can do for books

(25:30) What Are Smart Contracts?

(27:45) Remodeling the Book Industry with Smart Contracts

(30:30) Interoperability

(31:30) Use-Cases for NFTs in the Creator Economy

(38:00) NFT become Commodities

(39:30) A Brief History of Smart Contracts

(41:30) Tokenized Shares

(45:30) How Regulation Helps the Ecosystem

(47:08) Web3 and the Metaverse

(52:30) Star Trek, Ready Player One, Mark Zuckerberg and the Metaverse

(54:30) Lex Friedman – What Happens When an AI becomes conscious?

(58:15) The Mission of Coinpanion

(01:02:06) The Story Behind the Foundation of Coinpanion

(01:04:30) The Investment Approach of Coinpanion

(01:10:30) Bitcoin

(01:16:30) The Biggest Generational Wealth Transfer in the History of Human Society

(01:18:30) Use Cases for Gold

(01:20:30) NFTs, Collectibles, and the Gaming Industry

(01:24:30) Maker and DeFi

(01:26:30) Ethereum

(01:30:30) Charles Hoskinson, Cardano, and ADA

(01:31:50) Polkadot and Link

(01:35:50) Uniswap

(01:37:57) USDC

(01:40:30) Stablecoins, Stacking, and Default Risk

(01:45:30) Coinpanion helps with investing in Digital Assets
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