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Our guest in this episode is Matt Garman, the CEO and Founder of Sales Plus Profit, a successful sales consultancy, that helps businesses achieve their true potential by implementing his Sustainable Sales System©. Matt is also the creator of Sales Enabla; the first dynamic sales playbook and author of “Learning the Ropes: Achieving Sustainable Sales Performance Regardless of Changes in Personnel”.

SalesEnabla is a SaaS product that allows individuals to systemise their sales function and be less reliant on potentially transient salespeople who come and go. It allows companies to consolidate their sales knowledge, reinforce sales best practice and elevate their sales.

In our conversation Matt talked to me about

  • Why the average time a sales person stays with a company is only 19 months
  • Creating consistency, sustainability and continued success in your sales through a defined playbook
  • Balancing process and systems with human connection and individual contribution

Mel Blackmore in episode 489 introduced us to Matt.

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

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