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In this episode, Christina and Karyn talk about:

  • each of the topics from the month of May
  • playing a quiz show game
  • giving descriptive answers for each of the words/expressions

The extra mile (useful English vocabulary you'll hear in the podcast):

  • to be representative of [something] = serving as a typical or characteristic example
  • supply chain = the sequence of processes involved in the production and distribution of a commodity
  • defamation = the action of damaging the good reputation of someone; slander or libel

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Hey, everybody. Christina here with the Faster Fluency Conversation Club podcast. I hope you are all having a lovely month of May, or had because it's almost over now which is why we're doing review week this week. Today I'm with Karyn who is going to play this quiz show game with me. Karyn, how are you doing today?


I'm doing fantastic. It's Friday when we're recording this.


It's Friday. It's Friday when we're recording this, exactly, so a good way to end the week with a little bit of fun with English, let's say.


Yeah. Yeah.


Okay. Right. Karyn actually prepared a very nice quiz for all of you guys because I was away in Paris at the Learning Technologies salon, which is very interesting but very intense so I asked Karyn to step in and help me out a little bit and she did a super job of it so very much looking forward to this quiz show with you guys. Karyn, let's see. I guess we can get started. Maybe we should explain the rules first, actually. What we'll do... Actually, Karyn, you created the quiz today. Would you like to explain a little bit about...


Sure. Our monthly theme, do you remember, for May was work situations. Week one we went over work horror stories, plenty of those. What I have done is I kind of looked back over our vocabulary, I love vocabulary, very important. So I've looked over all of our Google Docs and I picked some unique, maybe, some phrases, some words that might be kind of representative of the particular theme that week. What we're going to do is one of us will describe the expression or the word and we're going to get the other person to see if they

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