241: Life Can Keep Getting Better, with author Lynne Bowman


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Author and health advocate Lynne Bowman, a 76-year-old mom of three and grandmother of two — joins Heather for a conversation about the things we do today — our sleep, eating, and movement — and how they impact our future selves.

Lynne reminds us that life doesn’t end at 60 or 70, as she says, but the quality of our last 25 or 30 years can be all over the place, depending on decisions we make now.

Lynne is a self-described “snarky grandma” who fully acknowledges she doles out cooking tips and health advice despite not owning a restaurant, not being a reality TV star, and not holding a medical degree. Oh, and she doesn’t particularly like to cook. BUT, she is the author of the new book, “Brownies for Breakfast, A Cookbook for Diabetics and the People Who Love Them," which is a cool, fun, beautiful, guidebook for really anybody who wants to eat healthy: vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free and sugar-free.

Lynne doesn’t hold anything back and really owns her straightforwardness. She’s passionate about sharing her belief in the enormous power available in resetting our relationship with food, and taking control of our health, strength, mindset and mood. She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes more than thirty years ago, and offers herself as living proof that you can cook, eat, sleep and walk your way out of type 2 diabetes, along with other chronic ailments.


Find Lynne and details of her book, Brownies for Breakfast, here: https://lynnebowman.com/

Find Heather and learn more about the Michigan Runner Girl community here: https://michiganrunnergirl.com/

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