Going From KU To Wide Marketing With Courtney/Lyra Parish


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KU publishing or Kindle Unlimited can be good for new authors but wide marketing is still the best way to go. You can your backlist first then go wide after so that you can reach more readers. Marketing is very important especially if you're new to the game. Learn more about wide marketing, duet writing, and all things romance with Ella Barnard and her guest Courtney/Lyra Parish/Kennedy Fox. Courtney is a romance author with over 45 books self-published at this point, and she started with ZERO experience. She is behind such book series as the Roommate Duet and the Checkmate Duet series. Learn how she manages to make many different entry points for new readers to come jump in. This is very important when writing any series! Also, discover why it's better to write with a partner that shares your same goals. Listen in!

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