How to Run Your Own Social — Darius Kazemi, Creator and Moderator of Friend.Camp — #164


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You know how we say “Black Twitter,” “Legal Twitter,” “Academic Twitter,” or “Soccer Twitter”? What if those were real and distinct communities? What if there was a smaller “[Whatever You’re Into] Twitter” free of ads, SPAM, and corporate ownership by Meta and Elon Musk? That’s Darius Kazemi’s vision.

Darius is a computer programmer and digital artist. He is also an outspoken critic of corporate social media companies and the creator of Friend.Camp, a decentralized social media network he built and moderates. He’s an evangelist for these kinds of communities, networks run by groups with shared interests, shared values, and diligently moderated by members of the community. He joined us to talk about how people can build these sort of communities. He’s even written a guide on how to do so. Give this a listen and see how you can Run Your Own Social.

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