Cornelius and the Long Winter


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Cornelius the Groundhog is excited to end hibernation and soon go back to school. But when his mother must leave him to forage for food, Cornelius is left in the care of Mrs. Squirrel. Not happy about this, Cornelius decides to go off on his own … a choice he soon regrets. Will Mrs. Squirrel come to the rescue?

Granny MacDuff is pleased to bring you this story in conjunction with Adventure Nannies!

About The Adventure Nannies:

It’s always been about adventure.

The idea for Adventure Nannies was born in Denver in 2007, when founder Brandy Schultz made a name for herself as “The Adventure Nanny,” joining families on backpacking treks through the Canadian wilderness, trips to Burning Man, and other off-the-beaten-path destinations.

In between Brandy’s adventures, she met an aspiring musician, Wesley Schultz (now of The Lumineers), who had recently moved to town and was working as a busboy to make ends meet. They began dating and, as Brandy’s calendar filled up with families trying to hire her for upcoming trips, she saw an opportunity to launch a business and support Wesley’s music.

The Adventure Nannies website officially launched in 2012 and was geared toward finding exceptional travel nannies with unique skill sets for adventurous families across the country. The company’s services instantly became popular among families living on the coasts who were relocating or living temporarily in new cities. Brandy’s drive and passion for helping families find the perfect nannies continued, but at the same time a song Wesley had written nearly a decade earlier, “Ho Hey,” became an overnight radio sensation and The Lumineers embarked on an expansive set of tours, being on the road for nearly 300 nights a year.

In the midst of the band’s success, Shenandoah Davis was brought in as a consultant in 2015 and quickly came on board to run Adventure Nannies while Brandy went on her own adventures with her family.

An ex-musician herself, Shenandoah had met both Wes and Brandy through musical circles. Shenandoah has dived into the agency headfirst, quickly becoming an industry leader speaking at nationwide industry conferences, and joining the board of directors of The Association for Premier Agencies, the only group that sets ethical and best-practice standards in the largely unregulated field of domestic staffing agencies.

Adventure Nannies has grown substantially over the past few years, offering private educator and newborn care specialist searches in addition to nanny searches, and growing from a team of 3 to a team of 17 (and 5 kiddos, 19 dogs, and 9 cats). Head to to learn more about our work, and how we can support you and your family!

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