Brian Noe & Ephraim Salaam talk Preakness, Warriors, Heat & NFL QBs


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Brian and Ephraim are both feeling their age and have a couple stories to prove it. They react to Early Voting winning the Preakness and talk Game 3 BOS/MIA + recap the Warriors crazy comeback versus the Mavs last night. Is Luka picked on too much for his bad defense? The fellas adjust “the Burrow-Meter” and react to some breaking news on Tiger Woods’ withdraw at the PGA Championship! They deep dive into the very amusing Saban vs. Jimbo feud and discuss the Lakers coaching search and Jimmy Buckets leadership. What player would you like to see get roasted? MIA jumps out to a big lead, they have fun talking NFL QBs and ask if Mattress Mack has the Back to the Future sports almanac.

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