E321: Diving into Snafu Brewing Co.


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Snafu Brewing Company is your new favorite dive bar

If you love a taplist full of classic beer styles then this episode is not for you. However, if you're intrigued by the R&D department of a brewery including a NutriBullet, beer, fruit, and cereal you're in the right place.

Snafu Brewing Company has been called a "dive brewery." Koon that's fair, and accurate. Snafu likes to have with their beers and wants everyone to feel welcome. When a guest asked if they could bring their goat to the taproom he said, "Sure thing."

Koon is a career brewer. He says he knew in middle school he wanted to brew for a living and started homebrewing when he was in high school. Before opening Snafu he learned the trade at a few other breweries, including a position as head brewer for Westbrook.

Snafu does offer a few more traditional styles - a golden ale, some IPAs and stouts. But if you pass on the fruit and cereal sours you're missing out on the magic.

A very scientific test of Bodega Glasses

Brian stays hard at work on Twitter wasti... researching the latest in craft beer. His most recent "discovery" is the Bodega Glass. These are new to us but apparently popular in some places, like Mikkeller bars.

The Bodega Glass is sort of a short and thicc pint glass. Some people love them but the official review by the team gave them two mehs and one thumbs up. Brian is a fan and says he feels they improve aroma on hoppy beers. But Brian also thinks Cold IPA is a unique beer style. No Mic Nate and I aren't convinced. We both found the glass to be fine, but they didn't really offer any improvement to our overall drinking experience.

If you want to check out the Bodega glass for yourself we're told this is the one that Mikkeller uses, or you cant try the ones we have from Crate & Barrel.

The Beer List

  • Snafu Brewing Company
    • Watermelon Jolly Rancher Sour
    • Stoned Age (Fruity Pebbles cereal sour)
    • Strawberry^2 Nesquik Sour
    • Primo Golden Ale

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1. Glassware Review: The Bodega Glass (00:01:56)

2. Beers of the Week (00:06:56)

3. Beer Scandal: Adroit Theory and Serial Killers (00:07:53)

4. Fruited Beer and Shelf Stability (00:13:37)

5. Beer Label Thermometers (00:15:12)

6. Craft Beer and NFTs (00:16:35)

7. Snafu Brewing Origins (00:22:10)

8. Westbrook Gose vs The Germans (00:23:43)

9. Charleston Craft Beer Scene (00:28:13)

10. The Love of Dive Bars and Breweries (00:30:10)

11. Hot Tamales Peeps Sour Beer (00:34:27)

12. The NutriBullet and Beer R&D (00:36:00)

13. What's Next for Snafu Brewing (00:38:57)

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