5/21/22 Shiur – 371 – Roe v. Wade revisited - Should we be discussing it?| Impacts made by individuals – Recollections from the lives of Harav Nota Greenblatt Zt”l & Reb Zecharia Wallerstein Zt”l


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History of debates with our adversaries Dr. Rivka Schwartz – Associate Principal, General Studies at SAR High School, Bronx, New York, Ph.D. History from Princeton University - 6:15

Are we preparing our children for marriage - The Sholom Bayis initiative of Reb Zecharia with Rabbi Reuven Epstein – Noted marriage counselor and lecturer –23:42

Reb Nota Greenblatt's impact on communities all over the USA - Piskei Gittin, Pesakim and Stories with Rabbi Rabbi Tzvi Holland – Kashrus Administrator of Star K – 54:19 with Rabbi Avi Lebowitz – Rosh Kollel, Jewish Study Network, Palo Alto, CA – 1:15:48

Answers to last weeks riddles – 1:33:09

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