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…you’ll learn about all things CBD, hemp and THC: what current research says, why quality matters, and how to get real results. Paired with particular Chinese herbs, the benefits to you increase even more.

In the last few years, CBD was a trend, then the market got saturated, and then people said: “I tried CBD and nothing happened.” That’s unfortunate, because experts like acupuncturist, herbalist and Chinese Medicine practitioner Dr. Chloe Weber know exactly what works—and how.

There are four main ways hemp supports the mind and body, and this conversation gets into the mechanisms of them all: Anxiety and stress, GI support, immune support, and pain management/inflammatory disorders.

You’ll also find out:

  • The differences between full spectrum (with 0.3% THC) vs. isolate vs. pharmaceutical cannabis.
  • How your body’s endocannabinoid system works and why it’s your master regulator.
  • What endocannabinoid deficiency means for your body.
  • How to take CBD and how long it takes to experience its effects.
  • How pairing CBD with Chinese herbs can benefit your body and brain, and power your performance.
  • What to look for in high-quality hemp products.
  • How to maneuver through cannabis strains and THC potencies.
  • How to decide between CBD oils, capsules, topicals for your particular health needs.
  • Common misconceptions about and censorship of CBD.
  • What new cannabinoids are coming onto the scene, like CBG and CBN.

Chloe founded Radical Roots Herbs, a company that offers full-spectrum hemp product and also combines CBD with Chinese herbs to boost the power of both.

“By calming the nervous system and supporting our endocannabinoid system,” Chloe says, “we're actually able accept, absorb and process the Chinese herbs in a more dynamic way."

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