Real World Functional Assessment and Treatment: Apollo CSS 2 with Jim Moore


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Oh boy, as the kids these days say, this show is a straight up banger. Dr. Jim Moore joins me again in our second installment in the Apollo Case Study Series, where we go deep into all things functional assessment.

Right out of the gate, I want to note that we do spend time reviewing both functional analysis and treatment data of clients that Jim has worked with in the past. We do the best we can to narrate the these data, but you're going to want to go to the show notes of the episode to see what we're talking about in order to get the most out of the discussion.

OK, in this episode, we discuss the following:

  • How much evidence does one need in order to move forward with a behavioral intervention.
  • How to assess the confidence in your functional assessment interview, and get the most out of these interactions with caregivers.
  • How to train staff to be great interviewers.
  • Treatment decisions based on functional assessment outcomes.
  • When to use Isolated vs. Synthesized contingencies.
  • How the staff at Apollo are mentored and supported in these functional assessment and treatment strategies.

This list could actually go on and on (including a sidebar about values-based care - a topic I'd like to return to at some point), so I encourage you to listen to the episode all the way through. For example, in the last moments of the show, we discussed how to navigate some of the quasi-tribal verbal behavior that comes with the functional analysis territory. You definitely don't want to miss that.

Here are some links to resources we discussed in this episode:

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