Intersections in Learning with Guest Erin Chancellor


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Erin Chancellor is an instructional designer with a passion for providing learning opportunities to help people better their careers. She dives into needs assessment, analytics, and project management with enthusiasm, and strives to make learning easily accessible to everyone in this digital age.

Her most rewarding work comes from a blend of instructional design, marketing, branding, and building relationships. Currently working in enablement at a software development company, she pulls on her strengths to deliver with excellence at work while also building an authentic personal brand online.

Erin holds a master’s degree in Education from Virginia Commonwealth University withan endorsement to teach English to speakers of other languages, and she ha sappeared as a guest speaker on numerous podcasts and webinars in the global eLearning and instructional design space. When not developing curriculum, chatting with SMEs, and designing engaging eLearning courses, Erin can be found tending to her plants and flowers, cultivating the green thumb she inherited from her grandmother.

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